sub.terra (An Interstitial Project) CD Compilation

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As heard on Drone Zone and Deep Space One:

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Format: CD

The SUB.TERRA Project, a full length CD featuring remixes/recyclings of Interstitial's epic "sub.terra" piece. Contributors include vidnaObmana, Vir Unis, Saul Stokes, Michael Bentley (eM), and, of course, the inspirator Interstitial (John Koch-Northrup).

The starting point, "sub.terra", is a composition that blends ambient textures with adventuresome trumpet excursions into a truly unique hybrid sound. As John (Interstitial) tells it, "sub.terra started as an experiment to create a song with only trumpet and drums. Along the way, I dropped the drum track. Everything in the original track has my trumpet playing as it's original source. Heavily processed? Absolutely!"

The goal of this project is for the five remixers to work with material from the original track and head off in their own direction through creative use of the cut, the splice, and the loop, as well as assorted additions and subtractions. The album will open with the original sub.terra track, followed by four reworkings.


Interstitial - sub.terra [8.50]
Vir Unis - Burning Champa [7.51]
vidnaObmana - Ceremonial [8.55]
Saul Stokes - Lisboa [7.39]
M. Bentley - From there... [11.02]
Interstitial - Solitude [16.51]


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