Steve Roach: "Slow Heat" CD

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20th Anniversary Remastered Edition
Limited 500 copies

Slow Heat was the premier release on Steve Roach’s personal
Timeroom Editions label, which has now grown to 45 releases.
This 1998 long-form zone represents an early example of Steve’s
infinite playback soundworld environments explored on The Dream Circle and since developed into a substantial area in his vast body of work.
Slow Heat breathes in and exhales a constant flow of calming
influence and serenity directly extracted from Steve’s desert habitat.
Shaped over two summers of evaluation on his playback system wired
to the outside patio, the natural environment of the simmering Sonoran
nights were found to be in perfect harmony with the Slow Heat
By running microphones fifty feet from the Timeroom out into the desert night, a pure moment of natural magic was captured and woven into Slow Heat. Perhaps no other of Steve’s long-form pieces has placed the listener in such an intimate and subtle expression
of the sensual, expansive nature of the desert atmosphere.

This 2018 remaster by Howard Givens fine-tunes this piece to a new
level by utilizing the advancements of audio mastering technology
revealing the deeper, spacial qualities at a sublime level.

"Slow Heat evolved from the atmosphere of my desert habitat. There are certain times of the day when everything falls silent, as if the birds, the cicadas and even the trees are under the spell of the heat. It's a stillness that ebbs and flows in slow simmering waves. During the summer I would often play various stages of the “Heat" on the outside and inside speakers throughout the day and night, creating a subtle link between the extremes of this compelling zone and its influence upon the creative impulse. - Steve Roach, Tucson, Arizona"

released May 11, 2018

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