SomaFM Studio Sessions Split 7" limited edition vinyl release, featuring Mr. Loveless and Birdmonster

$ 15.00 $ 30.00

Mister Loveless In StudioThis year we had some great in-studio performances. And we thought, wouldn't it be great if released a "Split 7-inch" vinyl of one of the tracks performed by Mr. Loveless and Birdmonster as a fundraiser for SomaFM?

So we asked the bands, and they both agreed and loved the idea.

Side A is Mister Loveless doing an emotionally-charged acoustic performance of "Curfew". We managed to get the whole band into our little studio office for the performance, and it came out much better than we ever hoped.


Peter Arcuni In StudioSide 1 (because there is no B-side on this record) is Birdmonster (specifically Peter Arcuni on solo acoustic guitar and vocals) doing "I Say What I Want". Surprisingly, even though it's just Peter, the energy on this session is more on the level of their stage performances. 

Only 500 copies made. Clear vinyl. Full color jacket, a heavyweight white inner sleeve and a polybag to protect the outside jacket.


This is a vinyl only, non-digital release and no downloads are available.

Thank you for supporting SomaFM.

International customers: Please note, due to recent postal service price increases, this is expensive to ship outside the US (shipping can cost about the same as the record itself!)

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