Hollan Holmes - Autographed "Prayer to the Energy" CD

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As heard on Drone Zone and Deep Space One:

Donate $35 and get Hollan Holmes - "Prayer to the Energy" CD as our thanks for your support of SomaFM. Each one autographed by Holland Holmes for SomaFM supporters.

Format: 2-CD Compact Disc, Six-panel Eco-wallet

An ambient electronic space music journey exploring both Berlin School sequencing and drone-based soundscapes. Holmes' first release employing both vintage analog and digital analog hardware synths.

"My favorite tracks are Lucid Dreams and Cloud World, but I really like the whole album." -- Drone Zone's Rusty Hodge

The album art features the design and paintings of Hollan Holmes.

Track Listing:

1. Prayer To The Energy 06:04
2. Insulated 04:58
3. Darkness And Light 05:20
4. Great Expectations 05:03
5. Lucid Dreams 06:45
6. That Ephemeral Spark 07:27
7. We Can Never Go Back 06:58
8. A Midwinter Night's Dream 19:26
9. The Suspension Of Time 07:59
10. Cloud World 07:04
11. Cover Of Darkness 07:46
12. Sublime Stasis 09:13
13. Breathing 07:49
14. Cerro Torre 19:43

 Total duration: 2:01:49

Genre: Ambient Electronic / Space
Released February 2017
Mastering: Chad Kettering

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