Groove Salad Vol 2 CD

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Groove Salad Volume 2: A collection of some the most popular and classic tracks played on Groove Salad. Mostly instrumental, the tracks are a cross-section of the music you'll hear on Groove Salad: Downtempo, ambient groove, trip-hop, chillout and worldbeat.

If you're a fan of Groove Salad you're going to love this CD, which picks up where our now sold-out Volume 1 left off. Selected and mixed by Rusty Hodge and mastered by Jake Perrine.

Here's what's on this CD:

  1. Ouranos - Holmes Ives 
  2. Embers - Hibernation 
  3. Even If - Inquiri 
  4. Equator - Zero Cult 
  5. So Many - Northcape 
  6. The Passing Storm - Rena Jones 
  7. Quaterhead - ZKA4T 
  8. Get Back to Serenity (Beach Mix) - Vargo 
  9. Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) - DJ Food 
  10. We Have Come So Far Again - Asonat 
  11. Audio Deepest Night - CELL 
  12. The Last Resort - Zane Tate 
  13. Under (Morgan Page remix) - Under 

Thanks so much to all the artists who contributed to this CD, and for their support of SomaFM. We love playing your music!

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