Steve Roach: Structures from Silence

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Structures from Silence: 2001 Remaster Edition free with your $40 support to SomaFM

We have a limited number of the 2001 Remaster edition CDs available.

STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE's breathing, suspended embrace of atmospheres and serene melodies instantly struck a chord with listeners in 1984; the album continues to reiterate its timeless resonations with new listeners today.

In 1983, as Steve Roach began work on his third album, the dedication to finding his voice as a composer and artist was coming into full bloom. On this landmark recording of gentle proportions, he emerged with a sound completely outside of the 80's era in which it was created. The three long-form tracks on STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE were the birth of something new; it was an original and pure statement, a dramatic departure from his earlier works in the German-influenced electronic space music genre. Striking a balance between diaphanous and gentle, deep and reflective, the listening experience evoked a sense of silence within the music as well as the space between the chords. It expresses the breath of life and offers a meditation on delicate strands of subtle awareness.

FACTmag said: "STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE remains one of the most important ambient albums ever crafted. Its enduring influence has been unmistakably visible in the three decades since its release. It has never been more relevant."

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