Projekt "NO. 40 Winter Sampler" CD

$ 10.00 $ 25.00

We love Projekt Records, and play many of their artists on SomaFM. Get this CD with your donation to SomaFM. Just a few copies left.

Experience all the facets of sound that Projekt has to offer on one CD! From the ambient side, get to know the artists you’ve been curious about such as Erik Wøllo or Stratosphere (Dirk Serries/Vidna Obmana). Check out the latest offering from Projekt legend Lycia or neoclassical Mellonta Tauta. And of course we’ve included an holiday track, the hauntingly-sweet “Frosty the Snowman” by Paulina Cassidy. Perfect listening for a fireside pot of tea!

Track listing:

  1. Steve Roach | Vortex Immersion (edit) from Live Transmission (Projekt293)
  2. Erik Wøllo | Four from Silver Beach (1986) (the Remastered 2013 Edition) (Projekt:Archive99)
  3. Forrest Fang | The Luminous Crowd from The Wolf At The Ruins / Migration (Projekt290)
  4. Stratosphere With Dirk Serries | Unfold the Obscurity from In A Place Of Mutual Understanding (Projekt294)
  5. Worms Of The Earth | Of Statues and the Sacred Gardens from Azal’ucel (Industry8 IN800006)
  6. Lycia | The Visitor (radio edit) from Quiet Moments (Handmade Birds HB-DIS066)
  7. Sky’s Gone Out | The Wire from Tension Sessions (Projekt:Archive93)
  8. Mellonta Tauta | Twenty Years Later from Rainbow Melodies (Projekt:Archive44)
  9. 9. Paulina Cassidy | Frosty the Snowman from Ornamental (Projekt285)


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