Meridian by Ascendant, [EX]panded edition

$ 30.00

Welcome to the [EX]panded edition of Ascendant's 2016 landmark album, Meridian. This double-album features four new ambient re-workings of your favorite tracks, and for the first time ever, a physical release in a deluxe 6-panel double-cd digipack.

10,000 years from now. 10,000 light years from here. A New Land, come of age into a time of abundance, transcendence and enlightenment. The Age of Earth and Stone, where…

An enlightened man exists alongside post-singularity machine AI that manifest as floating coils of light. Frozen clouds are summoned and then flash-melted to provide the planet’s water, and liquid has memory.

A planet where habitats the size, shape & semblance of mountains hover over large bodies of water. A planet where enormous belts of sub-orbital forests scrub the ozone and provide oxygen.

A world where gravity bends, but time does not. A world of alchemical transmutation, elemental summoning, and abundance.

The Age of Earth and Stone.



Track Listing:

1. Landfall
2. Reactive Light
3. Liquid Memory
4. Frozen Clouds
5. Sub-Orbital Forest
6. Arcology
7. Solar Invocation
8. Meridian
9. Unearth
10. Fallen Land
11. Sylvan Rotation
12. Solarium
13. Vespyr Rising
14. The Age of Earth and Stone

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