Passages CD by Resonant Drift

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Format: CD in Plastic Jewelbox case.

Resonant Drift is the Southern California-based duo Bill Olien and Gary Johnson. The tools of today's soundscape-based music -- synthesizers, guitars, percussion, ethnic instruments, field recordings, looping and studio processing -- all find an equal place within their work. Having met at one of Steve's Master Classes in 2008, Bill and Gary went on to collaborate on 2009's The Call, which received enthusiastic reviews and airplay in the Ambient community. Their new release Passages makes great strides forward in the duo's sound. This release has the feel of being made from the moment, while at the same time woven with layers of subtle innerplay and amorphous, shifting spaces. The ten pieces and passages find inspiration in part from the challenges faced when traversing a path to enlightenment. Mastering and sonic enhancements by Steve Roach.

Resonant Drift is Bill Olien and Gary Johnson, synthesizers and effects.

Bill Olien and Gary Johnson, aka Resonant Drift, nicely follow up to their previous album The Call, bringing more inspiring desert soundscape music to us. “Passages features sophisticated ambient music with occasional tribal rhythms and smooth e-guitar work next to a kind of hidden dynamic undercurrent running through the spacious and drifting textures. These sonic paintings easily transport the listener to wide open plains and remote spaces. Expansive environments that evoke a sense of awe and beauty next to a distinct feel of mystery. Bill and Gary have moulded some atmospheric and cinematic sonic excursions that trigger the imagination with even some forboding and darker intersections (e.g. The Task or Crossing the Threshold), although intense, earthy and immersive all the way. Steve Roach again was in charge of the expert mastering on and the addition of some tasty sonic enhancements to Passages. Nicely done, guys. --Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

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